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Recent publications by members of MY-SPOR

2017-2018 Publications

  1. Syed Mohamed Aljunid and Saad Ahmed Ali Jadoo (2018) Factors Influencing the Total Inpatient Pharmacy Cost at a Tertiary Hospital in Malaysia: A Retrospective Study. Inquiry: The Journal of Health Care Organisation, Provision and Financing. 55: 1-8
  1. Aidalina Mahmud and Syed Aljunid (2018). The Uptake of Mammogram Screening in Malaysia and its Associated Factors: A Systematic Review. Medical Journal of Malaysia 73(4): 202-211
  1. Sit Wai Lee and Syed Mohamed Aljunid (2018). Direct Cost of Drug Prescribing in the Outpatient Services of a Teaching Hospital in Malaysia. Asia Jourmal of Pharmaceutical and Clinical Research. 11(7): 120-124
  1. GK Van, WY Sohn, SM Aljunid, R Soon, CM Yong, J Chen, IH Lee (2018). Comparative Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Two Different Two-Dose Human Papillomavirus Vaccines in Malaysia. Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention 19 (4), 933-940
  1. Syed Mohamed Aljunid – GBD 2016 Alcohol Collaborators (2018). Alcohol use and burden for 195 countries and territories, 1990–2016: a systematic analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study 2016. Lancet  23rd August  DOI:
  1. Syed Aljunid – GBD 2016 Mortality Collaborators (2018). Global, regional, and national under-5 mortality, adult mortality, age-specific mortality, and life expectancy, 1970–2016: a systematic analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study 2016. Lancet 390 (10100): 1084-1150
  1. A Rahimli, M Masrom, WNW Zakaria, SM Aljunid (2018) Research Trend on Cloud Computing in Malaysian Healthcare Sector. Advanced Science Letters 24 (6), 4034-4039
  1. Aidalina Mahmud and Syed Mohamed Aljunid (2018) Availability and accessibility of subsidized mammogram screening program in peninsular Malaysia: A preliminary study using travel impedance approach. PLoS ONE 13(2): e0191764.
  1. Faisal Almaslami, Syed Mohamed Aljunid and Khalid Ghailan (2018). Demographic determinants and outcome of in vitrofertilization (IVF) services in Saudi Arabia. Journal of International Medical Research: 18:1–8 DOI: 10.1177/0300060517749329
  1. A. Zafirah, Amrizal Muhammad, Sharifa Ezat Wan Puteh and Syed Mohamed Aljunid (2018) Potential loss of revenue due to errors in clinical coding during the implementation of the Malaysia diagnosis related group (MY-DRG®) Casemix system in a teaching hospital in Malaysia BMC Health Services Research. 18:(38): 2-11
  1. Roszita Ibrahim, Amrizal Muhd Nur, S. A. Zafirah & Syed Mohamed Aljunid (2018) The Cost of Radiology Procedures Using Activity Based Costing (ABC) for Development of Cost Weights in Implementation of Casemix System in Malaysia. Malaysian Journal of Health Sciences 16(1) 2018: 155-162 DOI: 10.17576/JSKM-2018-1601-19
  1. Azimatun Noor Aizuddin and Syed Mohamed Aljunid (2018). Willingness to Pay for Outpatient Services User Fees: Malaysian Community Perspective. Malaysian Journal of Health Sciences 16(1) 2018: 145-153
  1. Azimatun Noor Aizuddin and Syed Mohamed Aljunid (2017) Ability to Pay for Future National Health Financing Scheme among Malaysian Households. Annals of Global Health 83 (3-4): 654-660
  1. Sima Barmania and Syed Mohamed Aljunid (2017). Premarital HIV Testing in Malaysia: A qualitative exploratory study on the views of major stakeholders involved in HIV prevention. BMC International Health and Human Rights. 17 ( 12): 2- 10
  1. Syed Mohamed Aljunid, Ahmed Munir Qureshi and David Baguma (2017). Global Economic Burden of Asbestos Related Disease in comparison with the costs of production and consumption. Malaysia Journal of Public Health Medicine.17(1): 111-125
  1. Taha Almahbashi , Syed Mohamed Aljunid and Aniza Ismail (2017) Health labour market requirements of health professional education in Yemen. Eastern Mediterranean Health Journal. 23(6): 415-421
  1. Amrizal Muhammad Nur, Syed Mohamed Aljunid, Normazwana Ismail, Sharifah Azizah Haron, Asrul Akmal Shafie, Norashidah Mohamed Nor, Mohmad Salleh, Roshanim Koris and Namaitijiang Maimaiti (2017) Provider Costs Of Treating Dementia Among The Elderly In Government Hospitals Of Malaysia. Malaysian Journal of Public Health Medicine. 17 (2):121-127
  1. A Azimatun Noor and Syed Mohamed Aljunid (2017) Systematic Review Of Factors Associated With Willingness To Pay For Health Financing Scheme. Malaysian Journal of Public Health Medicine. 17 (2):102-112
  1. Aznida Firzah Abdul Aziz, Nor Azlin Mohd Nordin, Mohd Fairuz Ali, Noor Azah Abd Aziz, Saperi Sulong and Syed Mohamed Aljunid (2017). The integrated care pathway for post stroke patients (iCaPPS): a shared care approach between stakeholders in areas with limited access to specialist stroke care services. BMC Health Services Research 17:35 DOI 10.1186/s12913-016-1963-8
  1. S A Zafirah, Amrizal Muhd Nur, Sharifa Ezat WP and Syed Mohamed Aljunid (2017) Incidence Of Clinical Coding Errors And Implications On Casemix Reimbursement In A Teaching Hospital In Malaysia. Malaysian Journal of Public Health Medicine 2017, Vol. 17 (2): 19-28
  1. Ibrahim Roszita, Amrizal Muhd Nur, SA Zafirah AR and Syed Mohamed Aljunid (2017) Estimation Of Cost Of Diagnostic Laboratory Services Using Activity Based Costing (Abc) For Implementation Of Malaysia Diagnosis Related Group (My-Drg®) In A Teaching Hospital. Malaysian Journal of Public Health Medicine 2017, Vol. 17 (2): 1-8
  2. Syed Mohamed Aljunid and Saad Ali Jadoo (2017). Development of Pharmacy Service Weights In The Implementation of Casemix System for Provider Payment: Concept, Methods and Applications. Partridge Publications, Singapore (ISBN: 1543742912)
  1. Syed Mohamed Aljunid and Namaitijiang Maimaiti (2017) Cost-effectiveness of introducing Pneumococcal Vaccination Programme. Noor Publishing & ICS Morebooks Marketing SRL, Moldova. (ISBN: 978-3-330-97347-3)

2015-2016 Publications

  • Azmi S, Goh A, Fong A, Anchah L. Quality of Life among Patients with Acute Coronary Syndrome in Malaysia. Value in Health Regional Issues 2015 May;6:80-83.
  • Azmi S, Reginald P. Experience and cost of pediatric gastroenteritis to families: a survey of Malaysian and Vietnamese parents. J Gastroenterol Pancreatol Liver Disord 2015 Feb;2(1):1-8.
  • Milea D, Azmi S, Reginald P, Verpillat P, Francois C. A review of accessibility administrative healthcare databases in the Asia-Pacific region. Journal of Market Access and Health Policy 2015 Jul;3:1-11.
  • Bavanandan, Sunita, Yap, Yok-Chin, Ahmad, Ghazali, Wong, Hin-Seng, Azmi, Soraya, Goh, Adrian; on behalf of the Collaborative Kidney Transplant Economic Study Group, The Cost and Utility of Renal Transplantation in Malaysia, Transplantation Direct, November 2015 – Volume 1 – Issue 10 – p e45
  • Tang MBLeong KFOu LSMunasir ZParekh PRAzmi SLow WHGoh A. Cost-effectiveness study of pediatric atopic dermatitis in Asia: atopiclair vs. regular emollient (AD-ATOP). J Drugs Dermatol.2015 Feb;14(2):169-75.
  • Azmi SAljunid SMMaimaiti NAli AAMuhammad Nur ADe Rosas-Valera MEncluna JMohamed R,Wibowo BKomaryani KRoberts C. Assessing the burden of pneumonia using administrative data from Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines. Int J Infect Dis.2016 May 24;49:87-93.

2013 Publications:

  • Hashim JH, Radzi RS, Aljunid SM, Nur AM, Ismail A, Baguma D, Sthiannopkao S, Phan K, Wong MH, Sao V, Yasin MS. Hair Arsenic Levels and Prevalence of Arsenicosis in Three Cambodian Provinces. Sci Total Environ, 2013 Jun 10, pii:S0048-9697(13):00518-4.
  • Phan K, Phan S, Huoy L, Suy B, Wong MH, Hashim JH, Mohamed Yasin MS, Aljunid SM, Sthiannopkao S, Kim KW. Assessing Mixed Trace Elements in Groundwater and Their Health Risk of Residents Living in the Mekong River Basin of Cambodia. Environ Pollut, 2013 Jul 29; 182C:111-119.
  •  Wan Puteh SE, Saad NM, Aljunid SM, Abdul Manaf MR, Sulong S, Sagap I, Ismail F, Muhammad Annuar MA. Quality of Life in Malaysian Colorectal Cancer Patients. Asia Pac Psychiatry. 2013 Apr, 5 Suppl 1:110-7.
  • Baguma D, Hashim JH, Aljunid SM, Loiskandl W. Safe-water Shortages, Gender Perspectives, and Related Challenges in Developing Countries: the Case of Uganda. Sci Total Environ, 2013 Jan 1, 442:96-102.
  • Karopka T, Aljunid SM, Safie N, Falcon L, Schmuhl H, Lisby K. Collaboration, Openness, Transparency and Trust as Prerequisite for High Quality, Effective and Efficient Health Care. Stud health Technol Inform, 2013, 192:1261.

2012 Publications:

  • Abuduxike G, Aljunid SM. Development of Health Biotechnology in Developing Countries: Can Private-sector Players be the Prime Movers? Biotechnol Adv, 2012 Nov-Dec, 30(6):1589-601.
  • Ghazi HF, Isa ZM, Aljunid S, Shah SA, Tamil AM, Abdalqader MA. The negative impact of living environment on intelligence quotient of primary school children in Baghdad City, Iraq: a cross-sectional study. BMC Public Health, 2012 Jul 27, 12:562.
  • Ganasegeran K, Al-Dubai SA, Qureshi AM, Al-abed AA, Am R, Aljunid SM. Social and psychological factors affecting eating habits among university students in a Malaysian medical school: a cross-sectional study. Nutr J, 2012 Jul 18, 11:48.
  • Kouadio IK, Aljunid S, Kamigaki T, Hammad K, Oshitani H. Infectious diseases following natural disasters: prevention and control measures. Expert Rev Anti Infect Ther. 2012 Jan; 10(1): 95-104.
  • Aljunid SM, Srithamrongsawat S, Chen W, Bae SJ, Pwu RF, Ikeda S, Xu L. Health-care data collecting, sharing, and using in Thailand, China mainland, South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, and Malaysia. Value Health. 2012 Jan-Feb; 15 (1 Suppl): S132-8.

2011 Publications:

  • Aljunid S., Abuduxike G., Ahmed Z., Sulong S., Nur A.M., Goh A. Impact of routine PCV7 (Prevenar) vaccination of infants on the clinical and economic burden of pneumococcal disease in Malaysia. BMC Infectious Diseases. 2011, 11: 248.
  • LE GV, Takahashi K, Park EK, Delgermaa V, Oak C, Qureshi AM, Aljunid SM. Asbestos use and asbestos-related diseases in Asia: past, present and future. Respirology. 2011 Jul, 16(5):767-75.
  • Tangcharoensathien V, Patcharanarumol W, Ir P, Aljunid SM, Mukti AG, Akkhavong K, Banzon E, Huong DB, Thabrany H, Mills A. Health-financing reforms in southeast Asia: challenges in achieving universal coverage. Lancet. 2011 Mar 5, 377(9768):863-73.

2010 Publications:

  • Phan K, Sthiannopkao S, Kim KW, Wong MH, Sao V, Hashim JH, Mohamed Yasin MS, Aljunid SM. Health risk assessment of inorganic arsenic intake of Cambodia residents through groundwater drinking pathway. Water Res. 2010 Nov, 44(19):5777-88.
  • Aljunid S, Zafar A, Saperi S, Amrizal M. Burden of Disease associated with Cervical Cancer in Malaysia and Potential Costs and Consequences of HPV Vaccination. Asian Pac J Cancer Prev, 2010, 11(6):1551-9.
  • Goldhaber-Fiebert JD, Li H, Ratanawijitrasin S, Vidyasagar S, Wang XY, Aljunid S, Shah N, Wang Z, Hirunrassamee S, Bairy KL, Wang J, Saperi S, Nur AM, Eggleston K. Inpatient treatment of diabetic patients in Asia: evidence from India, China, Thailand and Malaysia. Diabet Med. 2010 Jan; 27 (1):101-8.
  • Lim T.O, Goh A., Lim Y.N, Zaher Z.M.M., Suleiman A.B. How Public and Private Reforms Dramatically Improved Access to Dialysis Therapy in Malaysia. Health Affairs. 2010 ; 29 (12): 1 – 9.